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As the title says, I’ll be going on a temporary hiatus, not because of anything going on in my life, but actually because I started finally watching Fairy Tail. As many of you know, it has over 400 episodes, and I want to make sure I watch all of them to provide you all with a proper, in depth review. So, reviews will be postpones until I finish all these episodes!

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Anime Review: “Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School”

drda231The Danganronpa franchise never fails to surprise. Every anime, game, manga, and light novel attached to it are just so addicting that you have to keep going until you reach the end. The second anime is just the same and actually include two different stories with alternating episodes: one story that follows the second game (Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) and one that precedes it.

While you don’t have to have played the previous games (including Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls) to understand what’s happening, it helps a lot to have done so. There are a lot of references to all three, and a new watcher may be a bit confused. This anime concludes a lot of things, including what happened to the students in Goodbye Despair, and also follows up on Monaca’s and Komaru’s stories from Ultra Despair Girls.


The first episode starts the “Hope Arc,” which shows what happens both during and after the events of Goodbye Despair. Makoto Naegi is arrested for protecting the Remnants of Despair, but before any punishment can be administered, a familiar figure appears on the room’s monitor. Makoto knows him right away as Monokuma, the antagonist of his Killing School Life (the events of the first game and anime). He knows what’s coming next, and a new game has begun within the Future Foundation’s headquarters.


As the episodes continue, the leader of the future foundation Kyosuke Munakata accuses Makoto of endangering their cause. He even suggests that Makoto kill himself right now to end this new “game.” But even as Makoto tries to explain himself, he’s punched by Munakata’s best friend and right hand man Juzo Sakakura. This actually causes another element in this new killing game – Forbidden Actions – to activate on one member, killing them for “witnessing violence between participants.”

Aware of all the new rules, Makoto and his classmates – Aoi AsahinaKyoko Kirigiri – run for cover within the offices. They are joined by a few allies, fortunatly, that include 77th class member Ryoto Mitarai, and Future Foundation board member Great Gozu. Kyosuke, fueled by the first death of his love Chisa Yukizome, seeks Makoto now, blinded by his hatred of despair he believes Makoto is protecting.

drda42The second episode starts the “Despair Arc,” which shows the events leading up to Goodbye Despair and how the 77th class became Remnants of Despair. It also shows key elements that Junko Enoshima used to actually cause the lengthy-named The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History.

The last episode ties the two arcs together, revealing the “cured” 77th class helping the Future Foundation escape the new killing game. It also reveals that the mastermind behind that game was not Monaca Towa, as was hinted at early on. But it was actually Chisa. In the Despair Arc, she had been brainwashed by Junko and actually leads the class into the despair. In the Future Arc, she seems to have died first, but it’s hinted that it may have been faked somehow.


The Future Arc also covers a bit of afterstory with Komaru and Touko, as they investigate Monaca’s activities. The city is still full of Monokuma-bots, and the other Warriors of Hope have separated from her. I’m pleased to see they all survived, and Jotaro had decided to discard his mask. Not a lot of details are shown about after Ultra Despair Girls, and even Monaca’s conclusion was a bit lackluster. It seems she had killed a member of the Future Foundation and created a robot to impersonate her. But she ends up being trapped by the brainwashing video that Ryoto creates later.

I also don’t really like how they just threw all of the 77th class in at the end as if none of them had died. There was no definate answer following Goodbye Despair whether those that died in the Neo World Program had actually died in real life. There was hints that they had just been put in a coma, but more than once, Monokuma confirmed that dying in the virtual world also meant dying in real life. Also, it seemed that Nagito Komaeda had no signs of his mental illness he displayed from even before his encounter with the Program. It was as if the Program had “cured” his dementia, which kind of erases a major element of his character.

Final Words:

While there are flaws in the plotline, it’s an excellent conclusion to the story of the 77th class and the Future Foundation. It ties up a lot of lose ends and answers questions I had been curious about. Though, it’s meant more for those that follow the series, those that are new can still enjoy it.

I would give this anime…8.5/10 (rating scale)

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Does Sebastian have affection for Ciel?


“These gloves need more salt.”

After watching a new (or old) anime, movie, or anything similar, I often wonder about lots of things. Did the writers intend for this to be felt? Did they intend for that to happen? How did they hope the audience would take it? With some aspects, I like to write about them and bring them to light for those that might be curious.

Throughout the Black Butler anime, I had always thought Sebastian was simply a compliment butler. He was this way because he was bound to Ciel through the contract, and he was guaranteed a soul at some point. But when the second season finally rolled around, Sebastian’s attitude seemed to change. He became protective of Ciel. I never did figure out whether it was out of affection or protection of the soul he was owed, but I’d like to think it was a sense of duty that drove him to feel this way.

Many times, especially the maze episode in which Claude and Sebastian must race to the end and claim Ciel, the latter would often say things like “no one but me may lay a hand on my master.” He even went as far as hugging Ciel a few times, but the question still remains in the air. Was it out of affection or duty? Many fan artists and writers like to think of it as affection, but I don’t think I will ever know for sure.

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Heaven’s Lost Property Review


I had high hopes for this anime, even though its an ecchi. Sekirei changed my mind about the category, and despite the gratuitous sizes of chests, I gave it a chance. But, wow, was I disappointed. There was nearly no plot except for about 5 episodes, and most of it was the main character being the biggest perv in history.

The story starts out with Tomoki, a classic perv and his childhood friend Sohara attending school. They’ve grown up together as next door neighbors, and both of their parents are off in the city working, so the only adults shown are their teachers. Eishiro is the class weirdo and has an obsession with the “new world” meaning the supernatural, and one day, Tomoki decides to ask him about it. Eishiro tells Tomoki all about a strange hole above the earth and that it has stopped just over Japan. They plan to meet at midnight on top of the hill near Tomoki’s house to see the hole. Sohara promises to go with him, but backs out at the last second. Eishiro doesn’t show up either, but he tries to call Tomoki to warn him not to go. Apparently, he’s noticed something strange from the hole. But Tomoki ends up sitting on the hill for about 20 minutes alone and then as he gets up to leave, something falls from it and comes crashing down on top of him.

The thing turns out to be Ikaros, a strange angel-like humanoid. She says that Tomoki is her master and she will do anything he says. Naturally, her giant boobs make him go crazy, but his instincts kick in and he offers her a place to stay since she doesn’t have anywhere else. Sohara, who apparently has developed a crush on Tomoki, becomes jealous and beats him up. But after explaining, she learns that he didn’t have a choice. Eishiro and his childhood friend Mikako (who is also the student council president) join in the fun and Mikako plans a few parties at Tomoki’s house without him knowing.

Later we find out that Eishiro lives in a tent because he apparently doesn’t have a home. A few more angels fall from the hole with the purpose of retrieving Ikaros, but the first (Nymph) and the second (Astraea) become close friends with him instead. Ikaros apparently is not what she appears to be, and they all have to work together to fight off Nymph and Astraea’s former master and his forces to protect their new home.

If I were in charge of this anime, in all honesty, I would take out all but 5 episodes, because the rest is just crap coupled with Tomoki being an idiot and a perv. I suppose it’s supposed to be funny, but he goes so far as to transform into a girl so he can see other girls naked. Thankfully, Mikako and Sohara give him a good thrashing at least once an episode, and they make his house explode as well. In those 5 episodes, the actual Tomoki comes out, though, and protects those he loves instead of being a perv. If it weren’t for those select episodes, I probably would have given this anime a MUCH lower rating. But because of those, I give it a 6 out of 10.

My rating system: https://anrisaryn.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/my-rating-system/

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My Rating System


“I don’t think Red liked that lemon I slipped in his soup.”

A rating of 10 means…
This anime is beyond excellent. I plan to watch it probably multiple times in the future as well as purchase merchandise relating to the series.

A rating of 9 means…
This anime is very good. I will probably watch it again, and probably buy merchandise for it, but it is not perfect, and I can point out a few things this anime thing lacks.

A rating of 8 means…
This anime is good, but I may not like it as much as another anime in the same vein. I probably won’t want to buy merchandise related to it. I will not feel as strongly about this thing, but I will recommend it to people and possibly watch it again.

A rating of 7 means…
This is a good, solid anime, but maybe not for me. I do not like it very much, but I recognize that it is a good thing and hope other people may enjoy it.

A rating of 6 means…
This is an okay thing, and I acknowledge that some people might like it, but I do not plan to watch it again. Unless a person really likes something like this thing, I will not recommend it to most people.

A rating of 5 means…
I have neither positive or negative feelings for this anime. I would probably not recommend it.

A rating of 4 means…
This anime is below par. It is as if the person that created the thing was not even trying. I do not like this anime, and I do not recommend it.

A rating of 3 means…
This anime is very bad. I do not like it at all, and if you like it, I may wonder why.

A rating of 2 means…
This anime is awful. I do not like this one bit. I do not think anyone should ever like this thing.

A rating of 1 means…
Why did I even finish watching this anime?

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