Anime Review: “Kill la Kill”

satsuki_ryuko_clashI first started this anime just when it had come out, but it drove me crazy only having one new episode a week. So I waited for all the episodes to become available and binge-watched it on Crunchyroll. It actually ended a lot better than I expected.

The story premise is of an alternate Japan in which the Kiryuin family has purchases basically the entire town. Using both her own strength and her family’s influence, the young Satsuki, heir to the Kiryuin company, takes control of the local high school. She employs a system of reward and punishment based around a special clothing made with something called Life Fibers. When put into clothes, these fibers give people super-human abilities.

One day, Ryuko Matoi makes her way to this city in search of the person that killed her father. She carries half of a giant scissor, seeking the one that carries the other half – the one her killed her father. Satsuki claims that she knows who carries it, but refuses to tell Ryuko. When Ryuko races to attack Satsuki in her anger, Satsuki’s guards kick her out of the school, quite literally.

Wandering the streets that evening, Ryuko comes across a strange living outfit called a Kamui. Unlike the Goku uniforms (the special Life Fiber outfits) at the academy, this Kamui contains 100% Life Fiber, while the Gokus only contain up to 30%. This means that the Kamui can increase her strength greatly. Ryuko plans to use him to defeat Satsuki and demand the information she desires. But Satsuki has much more up her sleeves that Ryuko can even imagine, and a dark secret the two girls don’t even know about themselves hidden behind a Kiryuin mastermind. In order to find the truth, Ryuko must face her own inner demons as well as those in others to find the truth and learn who is friend and who is foe.

As an anime, it’s actually very well made. It’s a good plot and exciting – it certainly kept me watching. However, there is so much fan-service in it, it almost starts to take away from the plot. Ryuko, as you can see in the picture, is almost completely naked while wearing her powered-up Kamui. And apparently, even though she has so much skin exposed, the Kamui can still protect her. How? I have no idea. She could use a shirt I think. A poorly made explanation comes toward the end of the series, basically saying that in order to give the wearer power, but keep them from being enslaved, as little amount of the Kamui must be touching the skin when it is powered up. If you ask me, that’s a little dumb.

There’s also a lot of nakedness, especially at the end, but the one redeeming factor is that there’s male and female nudity, so at least its equal. There’s no private parts actually showing (everyone is “ken-dolled”), but man, if I didn’t know any better, the last scene in the series would look like a giant orgy. But don’t let that keep you from watching it. It’s a good anime, just don’t let anyone try to convince you it’s a feminist anime. I give this anime an 8.75 out of 10 on my rating scale.

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