“Persona 4 The Animation” Review

Persona 4 the AnimationI think I saw this anime on my tumblr dashboard a while back and added it to my list a while back. I finally got around to watching it, and like most animes based on video games, this one was pretty good.

The story is centered around Yu, who has to move to the country for a while because his parents have to go away on a year-long business trip. This seems to be a common motif in animes, so I wonder if this is a common thing in actual Japan. Anyway, Yu is sent to live with his uncle and younger cousin and begins school in the local high school. There he meets a few new friends and one of them happens to be the son of the owner of a local popular department store.

They get to know each other and spend time together, but something strange is going on in town, they soon discover. First, a local celebrity gets killed in a very grotesque way, and the students are all sent home early. But soon, another girl from class that one of Yu’s new friends is fond of turns up dead as well. That night, Yu is heading to bed when his TV mysteriously turns on. On it appears a strange version of one of his new friends. In confusion, he reaches out to turn off the TV when his hand slips inside. He shares this discovery with his friends at the local department store and they all somehow fall in to the TV. Inside, they meet a strange bear-creature and even stranger monsters, and somehow, Yu summons an avatar of himself to fight the monsters called a “persona.”

After rescuing his friend, he discovers that there is a mysterious power at work, and he and his new friends must find out whats going on before more people get killed. But allies and friends are sometimes hard to tell apart, as he soon discovers, and even Yu’s little cousin, whom he begins to consider his sister, gets into some trouble even Yu can’t help her escape.

Overall, I felt this anime was pretty good. It was a bit slow at times, and I just wanted them to continue the story, but I think it contributed to character development if nothing else. I give this anime a 7.5 out of 10. If you are a fan of the Persona series of video games, this anime will not disappoint.

Picture Source: http://lilacanimereviews.blogspot.com/2013/04/persona-4-animation-review-english.html


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