Anime Review: “Wakfu”


“Maybe we shouldn’t have poked that minotaur…”

The American cartoon makers could take a lesson from Ankama Animation and Wakfu. There isn’t much bad I could say about this series except that I wish there was another season! If I hadn’t already tried the game itself, this show would make me want to play all the classes.

Wakfu is a very well animated game available from It’s a turn-based tactics style game with awesome graphics and can be played with multiple people. Though I didn’t get too into the game itself, I have to say the animation is very good.

The story surrounds Yugo, a strange child found by an Enutrope (treasure-hunter) man named Alibert (Ah-lee-bear). His friend Ruel had been a mercenary with him, but after calling it quits on that lifestyle, Alibert finds the perfect reason to settle down. He finds Yugo wrapped in a strange hat and takes him home. As Yugo grows older, he discovers he has strange powers, and Alibert encourages him to find his real parents. Along the way, he meets a Iop (sword fighter) named Tristepin (Sadlygrove) of Percidal, a Cra (archer) named Evangelyne, and a Sadida (plant summoner) named Amalia. Ruel joins them all on their journey, and as they travel, they have a run-in with an evil Xelor (time wizard) that seeks to gather as much Wakfu (or life energy) as he can, nearly destroying the Sadida kingdom.

The second season brings a few sad surprises and sends Evagelyne on a strange journey to save Sadlygrove from a mysterious prison. Meanwhile, another being like Yugo appears named Qilby. He says they are called Eliatropes, able to summon portals to different dimensions. But as it turns out, Qilby has plans of his own, and it may mean the destruction of Yugo’s world. But Yugo has more secrets than even he knows and it will take all of his friends to help save everyone. Not to mention, he has to save one of his dragon brothers from the middle of a battlefield and fight off Shushus (demons)!

Don’t let the explanation scare you. It’s a very good show.  It’s designed for kids, but it’s not condescending or watered down at all. There are complex characters, great action scenes, an actual not-forced romance, and even a few suggestive things. If you’re a fan of anime, cartoons, or “kids” shows like me, then you really will enjoy this one. I had a tough time deciding on a rating for this one, but I finally settled on the max of 10 out of 10.

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