Anime Review: “Princess Jellyfish”

618FiMWaBfL._SL1280_I was sure I reviewed this anime already until I took a look at my WordPress. Either way, I don’t mind reviewing it. This anime has been on Netflix for just a few months and I finally got around to watching it. At first I was skeptical because I’m not a huge fan of slice-of-life animes, but I decided to give it a shot.

The story begins with a girl named Tsukimi just turned 18 and seeking to study illustration. She moves to a new apartment that was recommended by one of her friends. The residents are all women, and all NEETs (Not in employment, education, or training) that live off allowances by their parents. Apparently in Japan right now, these are quite common as the economic boom of the last generation fizzled out. Right now, as they say, it is an economic ice age.

So Tsukimi introduces to house and how she loves jellyfish. She loves Jellyfish so much, she will even travel an hour just to see them in the local aquarium. On one of these days, she is returning home and stops by the pet store where she has named the spotted jellyfish in the window “Clara.” But today, someone has put a moon jellyfish in the same tank and Tsukimi has a panic attack. The moon jelly’s mucous excretions could kill the spotted jelly! The pet store is closed, but she demands to have the moon jelly moved to the high school student still in the store.

Seeing the trouble, a strange woman walks by. The student is obviously enthralled, ignoring Tsukimi for this new woman. The woman demands to purchase the spotted jellyfish for Tsukimi and all the equipment. The student obliges after a bit of convincing and the strange woman walks Tsukimi home. The two talk for a bit and the woman, rather forward, invites herself into Tsukimi’s room to discover her talent for drawing jellyfish, the promptly passes out on Tskimi’s bed.

The next morning, Tsukimi is surprised to discover that the woman is in fact a man named Kuranosuke about the same age as her. She screams and demands that he leave, saying the other residents will destroy her because she brought a man into the building. He dressed back in drag and bids her farewell, only to continue showing up to the apartment, unable to stay away. Over time, the two become very close, and the adventures unfold.

This anime is a gem. I fell in love with it at the first episode and wished I could meet both of the characters for real and hug them. The are so much like me, both of them actually. Their personalities are so different but they go together so well, and they each have such an effect on each other, causing Tsukimi to come out of her shell and be happy, and Kuranosuke is even draw out of his own shell and is able to experience the world a different way. This anime is special to me and I hope other people can see it and feel the same! I give this a resounding 10 out of 10!

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