Anime Review: “Devil Survivor 2: The Animation”


Crunchyroll is my main source of anime, so my queue once again told me what to watch. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the anime, but from a little research, I found out it’s an anime adaption of a Shin Megami Tensei game. These games, if you don’t know anything about them, is basically an RPG in which the player or characters summon demons to assist in battles. This particular story is no different, but the story is much more compelling.

The story starts out with Hibiki, an average high school student, and his friend Daichi. They are both finishing up high school and preparing for college when a train crashes in the subway, destroying the station and burying them inside it. They find a girl named Io, who they assist and quickly befriend, only to find their cell phones have downloaded a strange application that calls forth a demon. A strange monster attacks them in the broken subway and they are able to summon demons to fight the monster.

Quickly swept up into the situation, they are recruited by an organization called “JP’s.” This organization informs them that large demons called Septentriones are attacking the planet and they need to use their demons to destroy them. Hibiki and his friends gladly comply, but it soons is proven that the leader of JP’s is out for more than he should be. The strange leader, named Yamato, shows little emotion, even when one of the Summoner squadrons are wiped out. Having made friends in that squad, Hibiki seeks to protect them. He races to the location of the attack, but it’s too late. The entire squad is gone. He accuses Yamato of not caring, but Yamato explains that things need to be sacrificed.

Angry with this reply, Hibiki joins with a rebel organization that also fights the Septentriones, but seeks to preserve as many lives as possible. It’s soon revealed that these Septentriones are actually a test set forth by Polaris, the god of existance itself. If the humans can destroy all of the Septentriones and survive the world being sent to the Void, Polaris will grant humanity a second chance. But Yamato seeks to remake the world in his own design, and Hibiki must stop him as well as protect his friends.

It’s an intense story full of action, and well thought out. I did feel it was a little far-fetched, but I figured that most SMT games are like that. I give this series an 8 out of 10.

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