Anime Movie Review: “Wolf Children Ame and Yuki”


“Sister, is that table leg made of chocolate?”

I’m a huge fan of Japanese animation, and not just of anime. So when someone showed me a preview of this gem, I had to take a look. Much to my surprise, it’s not actually directed by the famous Hayao Miyazaki, but rather Mamoru Hasoda. Either way, the animation is fabulous.

The story starts out with a normal college girl taking classes and meeting a boy who appears to be rather different from anyone she’s ever met. Despite his avoiding of her, she begins to take an interest in him, and he in her. Soon they grow very close, and the boy reveals that he is a half wolf, half human. Much to his surprise, she doesn’t leave him, and they soon get married and have two children. She is forced to give birth to both of them at home for worry that they may be born wolves and scare the doctors. But on the night of the birth of their second child, he disappears, and turns up dead in a sewage culvert.

Unsure of what to do, or how to raise two wolf children, she moves them out to the country away from prying eyes, hoping to allow them to grow up as they chose. The village people think she is eccentric at first, but she soon proves to be a valuable member of the community, growing an overabundance of crops during a year where the rest of the village has troubles. The two children begin to go to elementary school, hiding their true identities in their human form. But soon, Ame, the boy, decides he doesn’t want to go to school anymore, taking on a teacher that lives in the forest. Yuki, the girl, refuses her wolf side and tries her best to fit in at school, but with great difficulty.

A new boy turns up at school and accuses her of smelling like a dog. Yuki tries to avoid him, but he wants to talk to her. One afternoon, he corners her and she lashes out, injuring his ear and revealing that she is really part wolf. Ironically, the two become close friends, despite his mother’s objections. Meanwhile, Ame is spending more and more time in the woods, becoming more like a wolf every day.

It is a bittersweet story of two children coming of age and choosing their own paths in life, something a mother must endure in any day and age. She must learn to let her children go their own way, even if it hurts her to the core. The story and animation are simply stellar, and I really recommend this movie to anyone, not just fans of anime. I give it an 8.75 out of 10.

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