Anime Review: “Attack on Titan”


“Excuse me, sir, could you move, please?”

I started watching this anime because one of my friends said it was good. I put it off for quite a long time, and finally last week I decided to watch it.

Let me just say that if you thought “The Hunger Games” movie was violent, this is about twenty times more violent. I found myself nearly crying because of how many characters were killed.

But, I will tell you that I fell in love with the anime almost instantly. The main character started out as a crazy person and gradually became more mature. His purpose and will never changed, though, and he learned to trust his friends instead of just relying on himself. His friends, whom he’d grown up with, became invaluable to him, and they did everything for each other. It’s a story a lot of people can identify with, even if the setting is a bit strange.

Now let me tell you, having giant human-like things attacking cities is quite a grabber. But, if you compare it to the crazy weather happenings around the world in the last five years, it actually makes sense. Just when humanity thought they were safe, nature reminds us all that it is still the one in control.

Highly recommend this anime, but be warned. Lots of your favorite characters will probably die. Do not start this anime unless you are prepared to cry forever. With that said, I give it a 9.5/10, and highly encourage you to watch it.

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