Grand Chase Character Spotlight: Rin


Picture source: Grand Chase Wiki

While I love many characters in the side-scrolling brawler game, Grand Chase Eternal, none has become as near and dear to me as the lovely Rin, reincarnation of the goddess Agnesia. I’m not sure if it’s her exotic design or the fact that her primary weapon is a fan that makes me so fond of her – it’s probably a combination of the two.

While it takes Rin a while to get going, she’s a mobile character that primarily uses her primary Z attack for her first couple of jobs. Her main special attack for the first couple of jobs, Final Flash of Light, is powerful, but has very limited range. Her ultimate ability that she carries across all four of her jobs, Unstoppable Strength, on the other hand, is extremely over-powered. Unstoppable Strength can clear a whole room if used correctly.

Rin’s skill tree is very complex and as yet, I have only used her Dawn skills, since that is the path that I chose and have not tried out her Twilight skills yet. (I haven’t yet figured out how to realign all of her skills to change her path as Twilight skills do more damage, which is more to my play-style.) Also, I will end up having to purchase her fourth job, Chosen, since the regular non-Cash fourth job missions are ridiculously hard Having to clear the nearly impossible Hero Dungeon four times simply isn’t worth the aggravation. Once I have some spare money, I’ll definitely purchase her fourth job, as it is so worth it. Her Chosen job allows her to gain a Goddess transformation!

Rin is a dynamic and very fun character unlike any other in Grand Chase. Thus, this is why she is my favorite. Her play-style is a bit tricky to master, but it’s completely worth it!



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  1. Aoife
    Jun 04, 2014 @ 08:34:16

    Have you figured how to realign her skills and become a twilight? šŸ™‚


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