Anime Review: “Sword Art Online”

750323133_1381763651I’m a huge fan of the .hack// series, so someone suggested that I check this anime out as it was in the same genre. While I found myself confused and frustrated by some plot points in .hack//SIGN, there were not weird spots like that in Sword Art Online at all.

The story stats with a young boy signing into a new kind of MMO in which he is fully immersed in, much like .hack//SIGN. He meets a new player and shows him around, being the kind beta player he is. Then, strangely, the system admin called all players to the town square an announced that no one can log out. If they do, the game gear will literally fry their brains unless the beat all 100 floors of the game. If they die in the game, they will also die in real life by the same means. This strange turn of events causes mass panic and many players to just outright cause their own deaths.

Soon, a group of players decide to meet and figure out what to do. They promise to work hard and be the ones to finish the game so everyone can escape. The young boy, named Kirito, decides to join, wishing to be the strongest in the game, and meets a girl named Asuna. He’s impressed by how strong she is as they team up to beat the first boss in the game. The story continues, progressing the relationship of the two, which was initially pushed aside as she becomes a leader in a strong guild.

The second season is almost a totally different story, but related, where Asuna is still trapped in the online world, though in a different game. A new admin that wants Asuna all to himself has captured her and trapped her within his own world so that he can force her to stay in a coma in the real world. Without her will to say no, he wants to marry her for all the wrong reasons. Kirito, having become very close to her, is determined to rescue her, and he logs into the system to find most of his stats from SAO have been saved even if he is no longer in the other game. He meets another girl and finds out his own sister plays online games, too, which he didn’t expect since she preferred active sports like kendo.

Both seasons are great, even if at first I was very frustrated with Kirito. He is unlike most characters I have encountered, avoiding all close relationships for fear of losing them for one reason or another. He soon learns that, because of Asuna, he cannot continue to do this, and that knowledge actually gives him the power he needs to conquer all the obstacles he faces. This series is a treasure, and I find myself praying for a game version soon, so I can conquer all 100 levels myself.

I give this anime a 8.75 out of 10, and hope more comes out, even if it’s just a game!

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