Anime Review: “Sekirei”


“You really want to give us all back rubs?”

Sekirei, which literally translated as something like “wagtail” in regards to the bird species native to Japan, is about a collection of strange humans with special powers. The powers range from super strength, to control over water, and even super speed. Initially, the main character Minato doesn’t really know what they are, but soon finds out that they are part of a large project/event known as the Sekirei Project. Each Sekirei connects to a special human called an Ashikabi (which Minato turns out to be) and has to fight other Sekirei they encounter.

Minato seems to be quite a special Ashikabi, though. He gathers six Sekirei by the end of the second season, which plays a bit into the ecchi factor. Each Sekirei wants to be with Minato, but they are forced to live together with his other Sekirei, not only forming close bonds with Minato, but the others that share the house. The development of the bond between the women is the most interesting part to me alongside the actual plot. They learn to get along, work together, and all have the same goal of protecting Minato for the dangers of the Sekirei project.

I’m not usually a fan of ecchi anime, but when the plot and character development are so good that I can basically forgive the intense amount of inappropriate shots of various female parts. So, this is a warning – do not watch this anime if your are under 17 (as recommended by the rating system), or able to deal with quite a few inappropriate situations basically from the first episode. In this article, though, we’re going to focus on the other parts of the anime, ignoring the fact that it’s an ecchi-type show.

I am happy to say, too, that both seasons of this anime end happily, unlike quite a many others I have seen. It made me very happy to see the ending, and I am hoping, as suggested, that it continues into a third season. Despite the target audience being men, I have to say the plot and characters more than made up for the gratuitous female parts displayed rather blatantly. The love they all shared with each other and how they protected each other was more than enough to entertain me.

I give this anime an 8.5 out of 10, and for those than can look past the obvious, I recommend it to anyone that likes some bad ass girls kicking butt.

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