My Rating System


“I don’t think Red liked that lemon I slipped in his soup.”

A rating of 10 means…
This anime is beyond excellent. I plan to watch it probably multiple times in the future as well as purchase merchandise relating to the series.

A rating of 9 means…
This anime is very good. I will probably watch it again, and probably buy merchandise for it, but it is not perfect, and I can point out a few things this anime thing lacks.

A rating of 8 means…
This anime is good, but I may not like it as much as another anime in the same vein. I probably won’t want to buy merchandise related to it. I will not feel as strongly about this thing, but I will recommend it to people and possibly watch it again.

A rating of 7 means…
This is a good, solid anime, but maybe not for me. I do not like it very much, but I recognize that it is a good thing and hope other people may enjoy it.

A rating of 6 means…
This is an okay thing, and I acknowledge that some people might like it, but I do not plan to watch it again. Unless a person really likes something like this thing, I will not recommend it to most people.

A rating of 5 means…
I have neither positive or negative feelings for this anime. I would probably not recommend it.

A rating of 4 means…
This anime is below par. It is as if the person that created the thing was not even trying. I do not like this anime, and I do not recommend it.

A rating of 3 means…
This anime is very bad. I do not like it at all, and if you like it, I may wonder why.

A rating of 2 means…
This anime is awful. I do not like this one bit. I do not think anyone should ever like this thing.

A rating of 1 means…
Why did I even finish watching this anime?

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